April 14 – 20, 2013

David Neagle has the last call of his 2 part series P.A.I.D.: The 4-Part Cash Injection Plan for People Ready to Make Real Money – For more information


Maggie Ostara has a teleseminar on April 15 on “3 Must Haves to Create Money From Your Core Without Burning Out.” http://money.soulsignaturesuccess.com


Jeannie Spiro and Monica Shah have a teleseminar on April 15 as part of The Feminine Reinvention Summit. – Becoming a Money Magnet: Essential Ingredients to Making, Saving and Receiving More.  http://femininereinvention.com


Kathy Scheiern has call # 3 of 4 on April 16 – The Three Phases of Every Successful Change Effort and Where Most People Give Up – http://yourbigbreakthroughcoach.com?page_id=105


Anne Presuel has call # 1 of 5 on April 16 – Create Your Divine Offer , Class 1 –  http://divinelyintuitivebusiness.com/create-your-divine-offer


Mette Muller has a teleseminar on April 17 on “Discover 5 Steps to Turning Your Soul’s Mission Into a Thriving Business.” – http://www.mettemuller.com/webinars/thriving-business-webinar/


Angelique Rewers has a 4 day live event in Washington, DC starting April 17. Both David Neagle and Debbie Delgado will be speaking at the event. “Inside Edge” – http://insideedge2013.com/


Nancie Benson has a teleseminar on April 18. Topic: You Don’t Need to Dump Your Business to Love What You Do. http://passion.authenticcreativebusiness.com


Cheryl Heppard has a 4 day live event in Dearborn, MI starting April 18. – Can You Build a Successful Coaching Business in Just 12 Months?   http://listspikespringtraining.com


Monica Shah has a 1 day live event in New York City, NY on April 20. “Double Your Income This Year, even if You Just Started.”  For more information


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