April 6 – 13, 2013

Kathy Scheiern has an encore teleseminar on April 6 – call # 1 of 4 – Overcoming Resistance.  http://instantteleseminar.com/?eventid=40042326


David Neagle has call # 1 of 2 on April on P.A.I.D.: The 4-Part Cash Injection Plan for People Ready to Make Real Money.  http://getpaidclass.com/?inf_contact_key=8bf52524e25dbcfc132f7a9f1f97776eea3f309ded1a2e6c9ff1e4c26a4a65e5


Kristin Thompson has a teleseminar on April 8 as part of her Rock Your Talk Success Summit. Topic: Speak, Sponsor & Workshop Your Way to the Top: Strategies for Doubling Your Biz With Speaking. http://www.rockyourtalk.com


Kathy Scheiern has Call # 2 of 4 on April 9. Topic: Creating Your Vehicle for Change – the Form, the Fuel, the Focus and the Flow.  http://yourbigbreakthroughcoach.com/?page_id=105


Darla LeCoux and Monica Shah have a teleseminar on April 9 as part of “The Truth Summit.” – Quick Cash Intensive – 4 Strategies to Make $3K in the Next 60 Days – http://www.thetruthsummit.com


Tracey Fieber has the last call of 5 on April 11 on “Advance Cash Flow Mastery Training Program.” http://advancedcashflowmastery.com



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