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quoteThe most frequent business-building question in the Thought Leader space is: How can I reach more people & capture more leads? The answer I always provide my clients is three fold: 1) The key to success is personal contact, so 2) Invest in speaking & sponsorship opportunities that will allow you to connect as the leader you are, with integrity and commitment. And 3) Subscribe to InsideInfoMarketing.com so that you stay informed about the upcoming opportunities that count! Simple. Securing just ONE sponsorship or speaking opportunity through the advance notice of this resource has created 6-figure returns for me & my VIP clients, and I recommend it publicly on a weekly basis.

~ David Neagle

Master Income Acceleration Mentor


quoteThere are two great ways to grow your list and grow your business.   Host a live event with great content, or be a sponsor at one of these great events.  The next best way is to attend as many events you can that either help you understand how to expand your business or offer you an opportunity to mingle with your peers and potentials clients.   My subscription to Inside Info Marketing, allows me to know where all the best events are taking place, and it also allows me to help my coaching clients strategize on which events to attend and how they can grow their business.  It is an excellent planning tool for business growth.”

~Tracey C. Webber,
Business Development Strategist and Mentor


quoteInsideinfomarketing.com is THE resource for anyone who wants to follow what’s going on in the coaching and information marketing world. Whether you’re looking to attend an event or sponsor an event, insideinfomarketing.com is a fantastic resource! Gitte Melnick does a thorough job of scouring through hundreds of ezines and announcements to ensure you have the most accurate information possible at your fingertips.”

~Stephanie Tuss,
Lead Coach and Director of Coaching Operations,

 Kristin Thompson 3 quoteBirgitte’s InsideInfoMarketing is the go-to resource for speakers and experts like me (and my clients). If you’re looking to market your own events to thousands of targeted prospects and partners this is a great place to get noticed fast. If you want to create your “TOP 10 LIST OF ROCKIN SPEAKING GIGS” without spending hours and hours (or paying your assistant to spend hours and hours) scouring websites and newsletters, InsideInfoMarketing is the missing link. Speaking at other people’s event helped me generate an over six-figure income working part-time, and finding the right gigs, is an important piece of the equation!”Birgitte, thanks for doing all the heavy lifting! Now I’m off to find some more great speaking opportunities!”~Kristin Thompson
Founder | Speaker | Coach
tracey-fieber quoteWhen looking for a place to share what we are doing in our business with people who are our ideal clients, we were looking for a company where they provide the personal touch and guidance we believe is important in business for us and for our clients. The Calendar of Events helps draw attention to the abundance of opportunities our industry provides, while helping businesses grow. If you are looking for a place to list your upcoming events, contact Gitte to list your next event. She has the most comprehensive listing while providing the personal service to both Event holders and Event attendees.”Tracey Fieber
Tracey Fieber Business Solutions 
Your Executive Coach, Consultant and Mentor
melonie-dodaro-2 quoteInside InfoMarketing is the go to place for speakers and coaches that want to stay up to date on what’s going on the industry. The calendar of events will save you endless time  and allow you to stay in the “know” with this one-stop! Not to mention the amazing information to learn about all upcoming speaking and sponsorship opportunities to help get more visibility for your brand and spread your message. If you want to stay informed and never miss an opportunity then this is something you won’t want to miss.”~Melonie Dodaro, Founder of Top Dog Social Media
rosemary-heenan quoteInside InfoMarketing keeps me up to date on relevant events, teleclasses and summits. It’s a one stop service for my information marketing needs. The service also promotes members events and widens our scope for marketing, I highly recommend this service.”~Rosemary Heenan
 Kathy Barthel 2 quoteBirgitte Melnick is a phenomenal person and it has been my pleasure and privilege to get to know her. Through her one-of-a-kind event listings website, Inside Info Marketing, and her weekly newsletter, she connects business owners and entrepreneurs to speaking and sponsorship opportunities. But her website is much more than an event listings service; it is a deeper marketing resource that she teaches subscribers how to utilize to the fullest. She has an innate understanding of how to promote your business and expertise for maximum exposure and benefit.But it is Birgitte’s personal touch that sets her apart. She truly cares about each of her subscribers and does everything she can to help them shine. When you speak to Birgitte, you always get the feeling that her entire focus and greatest joy, is helping to promote you and your business.  Her genuineness and her marketing savvy, is an unbeatable combo. I guarantee that if you make Inside Info Marketing part of your promotional efforts, Birgitte will become an indispensable part of your team and quite probably a great friend as well.”

~Kathy Barthel

Web Copywriter/Editor/Message Expert/Speaker

Take on the World

e: kathybarthel@takeontheworld.ca

m: 416-906-7083




 Debbie Allen quoteBirgitte has the INSIDE scoop on events. She spends countless hours researching to find you some of the best online and offline events happening now.  I highly suggest you become a subscriber of her site to stay on the cutting-edge of what’s happening in the event business. I use it to connect with other speakers and event hosts and it has helped me build priceless business relationships.”Debbie Allen

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