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February 23, 2018




Angelique Rewers


Stop Wasting Time With Small Clients With Small Budgets And Build a Thriving Business Selling To Lucrative And Loyal Corporate Clients Who Will Pay You What You Deserve.



The Real Deal

3 Day Event in Miami, FL

March 2, 3 & 4, 2018

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Every year, companies spend an enormous amount of money on advice and services, and they have to buy them from someone. Why not you?


You may think that these corporate clients only buy from very big consulting firms, but that just isn’t true.


They buy from companies who have the services and expertise they need and who know how to work the system.



THAT’s what THE REAL DEAL is all about.



About Angelique …


Harnessing her more than 15 years of experience working with FORTUNE 500 and other leading organizations, Angelique Rewers, ABC, APR, is helping small business owners and solopreneurs to stop chasing after clients and instead land lucrative corporate contracts.


With the unique experience of having been on the corporate side of the buying process, managing million-dollar budgets for tradeshows, ad campaigns, annual reports, media relations, events and more, Angelique understands what corporations look from their suppliers… and knows just how to become one of those trusted vendors.


Now, through her mentoring programs, consulting services and training products, Angelique is sharing with others the very business strategies and marketing methods she’s used to land five- and six-figure contracts with some of the biggest names in business.














Michelle Villalobos


Speaking that makes a difference.  Speaking is one of the most effective, enjoyable, and fulfilling ways to establish yourself as a credible expert. It doesn’t just amplify your voice + influence in your industry — it also generates reliably HOT leads for your business. If you’re a pro who loves helping people, speaking is strategic marketing that shouldn’t be missed.



SuperStar Speaker Intensive

1 Day Event in Miami, FL

March 3, 2018

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Attract clients, grow your business and make an impact with speaking and events. The Superstar Speaker 1-Day Intensive Is A Gathering Of Mission-Driven Entrepreneurs, Experts & Leaders Who Are Determined To Make A Living While Making An Impact.



About Michelle …


Michelle Villalobos, MBA, is the “Superstar Brand & Business Builder.” She helps purpose-driven thought leaders position and promote themselves for profit and impact by creating scalable, sustainable businesses that don’t rely on them to trade time for money.


The Miami Herald honored Michelle in their coveted “Top 20 Under 40” issue, and in 2013 – out of hundreds of competitors – she won the ultra-prestigious Miami Herald Business Plan Challenge. She also founded The Women’s Success Summit which, now in its 11th season, is Miami’s largest conference for entrepreneurial women.


Phone: (888)531-3830

Email: support@mivistainc.com

Website: www.MichelleVillalobos.com

Twitter: www.Twitter.com/mivi











Tiffany Largie


As much as I love the event, I love the training that happens BEFORE and leading up to the event more! Why? Because when you get there I want you to be ready for the NEXT level in your business. Over the next 90 days please keep your ear to the ground for resources and guides on “HOW TO’s”, free training and open strategy sessions with me that to help you move quickly. Why? It’s simply because I want to see you in that room in May. Every time that family gets into a room big things happen, and I want them to happen for you too.



Onwards to Freedom Live 2018

The “Get it Done” Event

3 Day Event in Los Angeles, CA

May 4, 5 & 6, 2018

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Transform your life and your business.  It is your time to rise!


***   Leave knowing what you want and how to get it

***   Quickly add six figures to your bottom line in the next twelve months

***   Learn from experts who have built businesses, created franchises, sold companies and launched brands


Onwards to Freedom Live 2018



About Tiffany …


I love my life. I’ve built multiple 6 and seven figure businesses, I am married to the man of my dreams, I have 2 beautiful daughters and I wake up everyday doing what I love to do: Helping entrepreneurs build their ideal business.


I’ve never been to business school, I don’t have an MBA, I got my education at the school of hard knocks – so if you are looking for someone with the traditional credentials, then I’m not the gal for you. But if you are looking for someone who has been in your shoes, someone who has built multiple successful businesses, and someone who is as invested in your professional and personal success as you are then you came to the right place.





M-F8:00 AM – 5:00 PM PST

Community Open 24/7











Marcia Bench


Whether you are a new or seasoned coach or entrepreneur,  ONE of your energy centers – or chakras – is where your greatest growth lies.


Do you know which one it is?


Our brand NEW Power Chakra Assessment is short quiz that will tell you – in just 10-15 minutes – which of your 8 chakras to focus on first – and what needs to be healed.


Click here to access the assessment.


Then, when you are finished, watch our new video explaining your results.







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