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June 23, 2017




Monica Shah


Isn’t time you were the speaker everyone want to buy from? A speaker who has the power to move people so much, they actually feel different after you have spoken.


Clarity. Confidence. Charisma.

You Inspire. You Transform. You Speak From Your Heart.


Because speaking gives you one of the highest returns on your time. It’s one of the fastest ways to grow your business – and one of the fastest ways to create more free time for yourself. Which is why you’re invited to…



Speaking Masterclass

A Revenue Breakthrough Event

3 Day in New York City, NY

June 28, 29 & 30, 2017

Limited to 15 people

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About Monica …


Monica Shah teaches entrepreneurs how to turn the work they love into a profitable, sustainable business. She walks women through a step-by-step process of building, growing and expanding their businesses to six figures and beyond.

Before starting her own company, Monica received her MBA from the Kellogg School of Management and worked as a brand manager for L’Oreal Paris. As a seven-figure business coach – she now shows women entrepreneurs how to create a profitable, sustainable business that’s designed around their ideal lifestyle – whether it’s time off with their families, travel, or simply living more and working less. Monica has spoken around the country at business events, women’s conferences and sales meetings. She enjoys connecting with an audience and causing her listeners to transform their relationship with money so that they can upgrade their businesses and their lives.












Jackie Lapin  



Looking for More Speaking Engagements?



Announcing SpeakerTunity™, the twice-monthly transformational speaker leads tip sheet, providing speakers with the direct contacts to book themselves on stages across North America!


This subscription-based service provides insight on speaking opportunities in hot regions of U.S. and Canada, top book tour sites, local chapters of national organizations, local grass roots organizations, multi-speaker events and expos, conferences and conventions, leading Spiritual Living Centers, Unity and Christian churches, wellness events, yoga centers, women’s organizations, fraternal organizations, chambers of commerce; associations; resort and retreat centers and more!


SpeakerTunity™ includes the direct contact, phone number, email, website and–when required–a link to the online form to fill out–across the US and Canada.Then–with one email, phone call or filled out form—a speaker will be changing lives, selling books, enrolling people in coaching programs or building business in that truly amazing face-to-face way.  


For only $25/month—the cost of three cups of Starbucks!


To subscribe, go to www.SpeakerTunity.com.


And if you want to co-market this service to your community, please contact Jackie Lapin (818) 707-1473 or email:thefolks@speakertunity.com 



About Jackie …


Jackie-LapinJackie Lapin, SpeakerTunity™ Founder.   Jackie Lapin is a leader in helping transformational leaders, authors, practitioners, speakers and messengers connect with their next followers around the globe. For the past 10 years, her internationally acclaimed Conscious Companies have been providing PR campaigns, radio media tours and speaking engagements to support the growth and revenue of change-makers. Her clients have included Don Miguel Ruiz, Dr. Joe Vitale, James Twyman, Denise Linn, Arielle Ford, Hay House and more.



The success of her companies has been built on her detail-oriented, comprehensive proprietary one-of-a-kind data-driven lists—the information from which she is now sharing with the world! Her most recent offering is SpeakerTunity™, the twice monthly transformational speaker leads tip sheet, providing speakers with the direct contacts to book themselves on stages across North America.


(www.Speakertunity.com)  jackie@consciousmediarelations.com

(818) 707-1473









David Neagle




reduced to its lowerst and simplest terms

is FAITH expressed in ACTION

Robert A. Russell




Very few people understand exactly how Mind-Power equals Money-Power.  The others attempt to manipulate their circumstances or put their energy into repeating mantras and affirmations, but never gain the real mindset of faith required to create lasting and better results.



Manifest Success

Reveals how the Mindset of Faith works

A 3 Day Event in Charlotte, NC

July 25, 26 & 27, 2017

For more information




About David …


What David Neagle, Master Income Acceleration Mentor, is generally best known for is the long list of entrepreneurs who credit David with guiding them to their first 7-figure year and as such, when people think about David, they generally think: He is the guy you go to when you have tried every marketing strategy out there, but you still want and need to rapidly increase your income and the number of people you are serving. At that point, it is not your marketing that is an issue, it is what is going on between your two ears that is the issue — and David is known for being THE mentor to go to for universal success principles (a.k.a. the Universal Laws) and Money-Mindset.













Shanda Sumpter


You are wasting your life and your time slaving away at strategies that are not producing money fast!  In fact, you are spending every dime you have trying to get ahead.  If you are ready now to let me help you, click here and let’s talk!




What Shanda learned from some of the top internet marketers:


  1. Go deep on one offer
  2. You need an email list if you don’t want to go broke
  3. The less distracted you are the better



If you are ready now to let me help you, click here and let’s talk!







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