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November 17, 2017



Michelle Villalobos


What if WORK felt like PLAY… Every single day?


***   If your business grew – with less effort …

***   If you attracted clients with grace & ease

***   If you had a compelling business brand, vision, mission, strategy & direction …

***   If you knew exactly what to do over the next 90 days, 6 months and 1 year …

***   If you had total clarity and focus and could easily say “no” to distractions …



It is ALL possible. More importantly, it is all possible FOR YOU.  And it starts with one weekend. 



Discover. Transform. Awaken

3 Days Event in Miami, FL

Limited Attendance

December 8, 9 & 10, 2017

For more information



Take Charge of Your Mission, Model & Mindset… All in One Weekend!  By the time this program is complete, you’ll have clarity around who you are, the business model that makes the most sense for your personality, lifestyle, and the value you bring to the marketplace, how to package and price that value, and how to sell it — with integrity. You’ll develop your own “Superstar” brand to attract your IDEAL clients, plus a marketing plan designed to fill your pipeline consistently — not to mention a back-end model designed for stability and recurring revenue.



About Michelle …

Villalobos, MBA, is the “Superstar Brand & Business Builder.” She helps purpose-driven thought leaders position and promote themselves for profit and impact by creating scalable, sustainable businesses that don’t rely on them to trade time for money.


The Miami Herald honored Michelle in their coveted “Top 20 Under 40” issue, and in 2013 – out of hundreds of competitors – she won the ultra-prestigious Miami Herald Business Plan Challenge. She also founded The Women’s Success Summit which, now in its 11th season, is Miami’s largest conference for entrepreneurial women.


Michelle’s passion is helping small business owners – especially, but not only, women – create “Lifestyle Businesses” so that they can enjoy their work and attain the freedom, fortune, fulfillment and FUN that they originally dreamed of when they launched their business.


Michelle is also an in-demand inspirational speaker for women’s organizations, associations, and leadership groups, and delivers women’s corporate leadership programs for clients like Bacardi, Burger King, American Express, Lexis-Nexis and Audi Latin America, among others.


Phone: (888)531-3830

Email: support@mivistainc.com

Website: www.MichelleVillalobos.com

Twitter: www.Twitter.com/mivi











Monica Shah


Isn’t it time you were the speaker everyone wants to buy from? A speaker who has the power to move people so much, they actually feel different after you have spoken.


If you are reading this page, my guess is you want to do more speaking.



Speaking Masterclass

A Revenue Breakthrough Live Event

3 Day Event in Brooklyn, NY

January 10, 11 & 12, 2018

Limited to 15 people

For more information 



The Speaking Masterclass gives you exclusive access to personal coaching with me.



About Monica …


Monica Shah teaches entrepreneurs how to turn the work they love into a profitable, sustainable business. She walks women through a step-by-step process of building, growing and expanding their businesses to six figures and beyond. Before starting her own company, Monica received her MBA from the Kellogg School of Management and worked as a brand manager for L’Oreal Paris. As a seven-figure business coach – she now shows women entrepreneurs how to create a profitable, sustainable business that’s designed around their ideal lifestyle – whether it’s time off with their families, travel, or simply living more and working less. Monica has spoken around the country at business events, women’s conferences and sales meetings. She enjoys connecting with an audience and causing her listeners to transform their relationship with money so that they can upgrade their businesses and their lives.














Kerry Tepedino


The BELIEVE Event is the most transformational event available for women who are ready to be healthy physically, mentally and emotionally … and truly love themselves.


Watch the short video and get a taste of what is waiting for you at your BELIEVE Event … https://www.the-believe-event.com



The Believe Event

The Event that Can Change Everything for You

3-Day Event in San Diego, CA

January 19, 20 & 21, 2018

For more information 




DAY 1:  Faith

Learn a cutting edge process that will help you attain incredible health physically, mentally, and emotionally and have a TRUST and KNOWING that it can work for you!


DAY 2: Grace

Learn to apply the new process from Day 1 into your own life with simple elegance, so being healthy and happy is no longer a struggle for you!


DAY 3:  Perseverance

Master steadfastness in everything you have learned at BELIEVE, so it’s your new natural way of being, leading to achieving lasting success with your health and happiness without delay.



Kerry cuts through the confusion and gives you what you need to know to THRIVE, not just survive.


The Believe Event



About Kerry …


Kerry Tepedino is an internationally trained Holistic Health Practitioner, Certified Counsellor of Nutrition, and Craniosacral Therapist. Having grown a successful private practice over the past eleven years in Southern California, she has expanded her work to a global market by creating virtual private and group coaching programs, online home study courses, books, and speaking. She focuses on a holistic approach to weight loss, self-love, and mindset mastery.


Kerry’s approach to health and wellness is incredibly effective as it embraces every aspect of a person’s life, from nutrition all the way to relationships.






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