March 31 – April 7, 2013

Kristin Thompson has several teleseminars this week as part of “Rock Your talk Success Summit:” 


  • On April 1 – Matthew Goldfarb  – Why Getting Real and Getting Emotional is the Secret to Connecting With Your Audience on Stage . 
  • On April 3 – Gail Kingsbury – How to Get Booked on Stage. 
  • On April 5 – Adam Urbanski on “Attract Clients Like Crazy: How to Make All the New Clients You Want Come to You.”


Anne Presuel and Yvonne Bynoe have a teleseminar on April 2 as part of the “Profitable List Building Summit.”  – How to Build Your Divine 6-Figure List –


Kathy Scheiern has her first teleseminar of a total of four on April 2. – Overcoming Resistance or Why You Almost Didn’t Sign Up For This Teleseminar. or email Kathy at


Monica Shah has a teleseminar on April 2 on Simple Shifts to Make, Save+ Spend Like a Smart Entrepreneur.


Kristin Thompson and Angella Johnson have the last call of 6 on April 3 – Event Profit Machine: Rock Your Follow Up – For more information


Kelly O’Neil and Shanti Pincock have a teleseminar on April 3 on The Universal Money Shift.


Tracey C. Webber has the last call of 2 on April 3. – How to Hook and Land Long Term Ideal Clients – For more information


Anne Presuel has a teleseminar on April 4 on “Thrive as a Spiritual Entrepreneur.”


Kyra Howell has a teleseminar on April 4 on “Abundant Cash Flow System.”



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