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Jesse Johnson


Learn How to Create a Visionary Budget

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We all know the importance of budgeting for financial health.



But did you know there are two radically different ways of creating a budget? One is the traditional method. The other is the way I teach my clients. It’s called visionary budgeting.


In traditional budgeting, you start with the amount of money you anticipate making – based on a monthly salary, for example. Then, you think of all the things you want or need to spend that money on: rent, bills, food, dinner out, movies, gas, a new computer, retirement, savings, a fun fund. Next you work the numbers to make sure they match – and in order to do that, you might have to cut things out, because they are over budget.


If you want to change the amount of money you make through your work or business, a traditional budget is not going to help you – and it will actually limit your capacity to dream big and reach for what you really want.


A traditional budget will help you manage the money you have. A visionary budget will help you change the amount of money you bring in.






About Jesse …


Jesse Johnson coaches healers, leaders, and spiritual teachers from all over the world in launching their businesses and bank accounts to the next level.















Ted Larkins


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