October 31, 2014



Sheevaun Moran


I Am Success Now – Wisdom

3 Day Live Event in La Jolla, CA

November 13, 14 & 15, 2014



An Event Designed to Give You Experiences and Techniques.  During “I Am Success Now – Wisdom”  you’ll discover:


  • Step-by-step techniques to unlock deeper levels of your innate wisdom


  • How to create a customized plan for tapping into and leveraging wisdom in your daily life


  • Ways to clear and shift the energy around and in you … so that you’re in alignment with all you want to create and attract


  • A proven acceleration technique that will allow you to be “in flow” at will



At the I Am Success Now Wisdom conference you will also learn:


  • about the cycles of success – there are cycles of success in our day, week and year and we will share how to access those cycles and apply them to your business, job, health, life


  • how to access the wisdom locked inside of your DNA


  • how to avoid crashing and burning while you are accelerating your success and breakthroughs


  • how to access the wisdom in your lineage and bring that into your life


  • how to stick with it, stop quitting, and be true to your calling


  • the powerful techniques to believing in yourself and what is possible




November 13, 14 & 15, 2014 in La Jolla, CA

About Sheevaun …


Sheevaun Moran 3Master Energy Coach Sheevaun Moran is the founder and creator of the Energetic Solutions, Inc.® Success System. She is devoted to teaching the world’s entrepreneurs and leaders the deep Universal Energetic Principles with practical step-by-step “How-To’s” to fulfill their legacy or dream. Sheevaun has helped 15,000 people to achieve their dream and has trained thousands to have clarity, calm and vibrant health while building their businesses. She is the founder of the I Am Success Now events that teaches you how to have lasting success from the Inside Out. Through her Conscious Conversations for CEOs for 7 and 8 figure businesses, Innovators Circle or Energetic Boot Camps, Private Mentor Coaching Programs, and products, Sheevaun shares with how to transcend lower level energies into the life of your dreams.


“Most transformation are focused on strategies and tactics, which typically affect change in a minimal way,” said Sheevaun. “ when 99 percent of learning is achieved by connecting, aligning and experiencing cellular and energetic shifts.


Sheevaun is also the creator of an innovative energy technology and has released over a dozen conscious transformational CDs. She has been a keynote speaker at events worldwide and a popular author of four books. Her international workshops and radio program “Master Your Energy, Master Your Life!” are not to be missed. Recently, Sheevaun was named an Award Winner in the Female Entrepreneur of the Year – Business Services category in the 9th annual Stevie® Awards for Women in Business. Samples of Sheevaun’s work are available at http://www.sheevaunmoran.com/.







Angelique Rewers


A message from Angelique …


Over the last 9 years as a business owner, a key skill that has been essential to my success is my ability to close the sale. One thing I can say with confidence is that the only way you get better at closing sales is with real-world practice. But even with years of practice, not even the best sales people in the world close 100% of the deals in front of them.


And to this day, I continue to learn more from the deals that I don’t close than the ones that I do. 


So I thought this week that I would share with you what I learned from a recent sales opportunity…. One where I did not close the sale. (And yes, it was one BIG 6-figure bust.)  How I blew a 6-figure sale


Also, I’m so thrilled for the 10 serious-minded business owners who will be joining me at my house in Boca Raton in just a few weeks for a mind-blowing three days with me and my EVP of Consulting & Mentoring, Phil Dyer.  We both get such a charge out of supporting our clients to create radical business success. In fact, yet another one of our clients just closed a major deal — this one for $150k. (She celebrated the victory by buying a beautiful brand new 2015 Lexus ES 300h… in white).


So, will you be here with us… building a kick-ass business of your own?  It’s not too late to see if this is your vital next step forward.


Come and Work With Us  Talk With My Highly Trained Team   (Lexus not guaranteed, but our commitment to support you is 110%.)



About Angelique …


Angelique Rewers 3Harnessing her more than 15 years of experience working with FORTUNE 500 and other leading organizations, Angelique Rewers, ABC, APR, is helping small business owners and solopreneurs to stop chasing after clients and instead land lucrative corporate contracts.

With the unique experience of having been on the corporate side of the buying process, managing million-dollar budgets for tradeshows, ad campaigns, annual reports, media relations, events and more, Angelique understands what corporations look from their suppliers… and knows just how to become one of those trusted vendors.

Now, through her mentoring programs, consulting services and training products, Angelique is sharing with others the very business strategies and marketing methods she’s used to land five- and six-figure contracts with some of the biggest names in business.







Mande White-Pearl


7 Steps to Magnetizing Your Ideal Clients

Attracting Ideal Clients is often a problem for entrepreneurs – especially women.


Fortunately, however, heart-centered and spiritual entrepreneurs don’t have to suffer from working with less than ideal clients once they know how to magnetize their ideal clients.


That’s what you’ll learn about in today’s post.


Specifically, you’ll learn how to magnetize your ideal client.  You’ll also find out how to repeat the process automatically so that you can continue attracting your ideal client 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.  Now that doesn’t mean you’re out hunting down new clients all the time and never rest…but it means you know how to stay in that attractive place through all your brand assets: website, client magnets, social profiles, and the most important YOUR mindset.


So, without further introduction, let’s jump in with a discussion of the 7 steps to magnetizing your ideal clients. To make this easy to understand I’ve taken the liberty of creating an acronym using the word RECEIVE to help you remember the steps.


Step 1: Raise Your Own Vibration – By focusing on what things you LOVE to do and ways that you LOVE to serve others you’ll instantly be able to jump into a more magnetic vibration that’ll bring clients to you like flies to honey.


Step 2: Energetic Connection – Close your eyes and place your hands over your heart center and begin to visualize the feeling of already being energetically connected to your ideal clients.  One my mentors describes the clients we are meant to serve as something like a client soul mate, we’re already predestined to serve them at some point in time.  As you come to rest in this idea you can begin to strengthen the energetic connection you have with more and more clients.


Step 3: Clarify Your Vision – Take a breath and imagine someone that you are touching hearts with right now who might be an ideal client for you. What qualities do they posses? The more specific you can be about them the stronger the magnetic attraction will be. Here are just a few to get you started:


  • Do they pay you and pay on time?
  • Are they overjoyed to pay you?
  • Do they send you thank you notes or gifts?
  • Do they not care how much it costs to work with you and even pay you in advance?

While it might be hard at first to image these things (I know it was for me) it’s absolutely necessary to add them to your vision in the Ideal Client Magic Bullet process.


Step 4: Elation – This word means great happiness and exhilaration. To mean it gives the sense that something is MORE than joyful! What elates your ideal client? What makes them get out of bed in the morning? Elation helps you tap into the place where you can become passionate about serving them. What elates your clients elates you!  Figure out what you can’t live without – that place of feeling is where you want to start.


Step 5: “I” Want… – As a successful 7-figure business woman, I hereby give you permission to be utterly and completely selfish! Redefined SuperWomen build businesses that support the lives they WANT to live and get well paid for the expertise and value they provide to their ideal clients. So NOW is the time to get selfish about how you want to serve your clients. There are a million different ways to make $1 million so we each can do it our own way!


Step 6: Vision – In working through the previous steps you might have come across a few things that you are not currently doing today that your ideal clients WANT you to be doing. Take note of these things and create a vision for yourself stepping into BEING the woman you need to be to create the feelings and experiences your ideal clients want to have.


Step 7: Expand – Working through these steps will definitely attract to you some amazing new clients but you can’t stop there. Part of the cycle of growth as that you’ll find new things to want to improve so you’ll need to continue to expand yourself throughout this process. Beware of the things you notice and don’t like and immediately identify the opposite and more positive energy that’s available to step into in order to create that expanded vision.


You just discovered the 7 steps to magnetizing your ideal clients. However, a word of warning – just knowing how to RECEIVE isn’t going to get you more clients.


That’s because the key is that you need to take action on what you just learned. And that’s why I encourage you to get instant access to my Ideal Client Magic Bullet Virtual Training Program.


Click Here to Get Instant Access To This Virtual Training Program


Get yourself instant access now and together we’ll walk through each step to allow you to fully integrate this learning into your life so that in 2015 you are attracting more clients than you could have ever imagined!


To Your Increased Visibility and Profitability,

Mande White-Pearl, Profit Strategist



About Mande …


Mande White 2Mande White-Pearl is on a mission to help overwhelmed, over-worked and under-paid women reinvent themselves into powerful Super Woman who really can have it all: an amazing business and a fulfilling life by your own design.

She is a coach, consultant and mentor to hundreds of women and men who are looking to turn their passions into profits.

She is the creator of over 20 “Magic Bullet” programs that help her clients GET MORE Clients, Make More Money and Create Fun and Freedom in their lives. You can find out more about Mande at MandeWhite.com/ConnectWithMande









Andy Grant 



Mastering Your Personal Power

1 Day Live Event in Littleton, MA

December 6, 2014


Energy work is much better experienced than explained and this full-day event is all about your experiences.


What if you could truly feel and experience your own energy to its fullest capacity like the flick of a switch? Not just feeling “better,” but harnessing that nuclear-powered potential you know you have inside of you and releasing it to create the life you desire & deserve!


I would also like to invite you to a live, 1:1 Clarity Call with me. This would be a 30 minute call to help us both get clear on what is going on with you and how I might be of service. There is no cost or obligation. At the very least, you’ll gain a new awareness or clarity about your next best step.

Schedule a time with my online calendar: https://www.timetrade.com/book/8J13S



About Andy …


Andy GrantMy name is Andy Grant and I can read energy. I can read YOUR energy. I can help you experience your natural essence; the true you. Together we can strip away the layers of crud and remove the blocks to letting you experience your radiant, shining self in all aspects of your life.


I am a graduate of David Morelli’s Enwaken Coaching System™, a year-long intensive program of reading energy, and have certificates in Reiki, Soul Entrainment®, Akashic Records, and Positive Psychology, as well as a slew of other training from such personal growth leaders as Brendon Burchard, Bill Harris, Margaret Lynch, Mike Dooley, T. Harv Eker and many more.


I teach a variety of workshops including, online offerings, The Power of Gratitude, and Introduction to The Akashic Records, and live classes such as, Energy Tools To Rock Your Life. I am also a certified trainer of Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Changing Your Life, which is based on NY Time Best-Selling author Mike Dooley’s book Infinite Possibilities, The Art of Living Your Dreams. As a matter of fact, Mike was one of the contributors to the blockbuster book and DVD, The Secret, and is the man behind Notes from the Universe.







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