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What are you tolerating? An exercise from Shanda Sumpter to make it better.  Clutter doesn’t manifest solely as physical clutter—as items. It can also manifest as relationships or situations or emotions.  Do you have a junk drawer?



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Get access to Kristin Thompson’s Free 5 Day Craft Your Talk Challenge videos:

Video 1 – Your Secret Sauce

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Video 3 – The Rockin’ Talk Template

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***    Suzanne Evans’ Hack of the Week:  Are You Ready to be Heard is ready for viewing.  To view



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Shivany Gonell has a telesummit “The World Awakening” from July 3 until July 25, 2017.  Harness the power of your soul’s calling to impact and influence the world in a bigger way through your business.  Shivany has gathered the top voices in today’s field of living a purposeful life through your business in a series of interviews that will completely transform your outlook and your reality.  Carolin Houser is one of the speakers.  For more information 



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A request of Michelle Villalobos


I started my business 10 years ago this month. What a long, strange, challenging, confronting, fulfilling, expanding journey it has been. I feel like I’ve had FIVE businesses in that time, not one.


Over the course of these 10 years, I’ve learned hundreds of lessons about business (most of them the hard way!) and hundreds more about myself as a person. One of the biggest things I’ve realized, is that my purpose on this planet is to inspire, educate and empower others to embrace their gifts, live their dream life and make an impact.


As I pivot my business once again to FULLY step into this purpose and align my business with a mission to serve and lead – with a new podcast, book, website and mentoring program – I’m curious to know what YOU really want and need, so that I can serve you more fully too, and incorporate your ideas into our strategy.


If you’re interested in helping me strategize, organize and create, then as a gift to me (consider it a 10-year Anniversary present, perhaps!), would you please answer a few questions, anonymously?


Phone: (888)531-3830






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I am a slow walker

but I never walk back


Abraham Lincoln

1809 – 1965

16th President of United States of America



I wish you a successful week! 

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