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***   Kristin Thompson



Okay so today I really want to help you up level your results every time you share your message.  This is one of the most important sessions from the Rise Live Event and I don’t want you to miss it!


I’m giving you the step-by-step talk structure (so that your talk is engaging, it serves and it also attracts the right clients).  Just click here to request your log in.



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***   Destined for the Dream by Gina DeVee.   Watch the 5-part video series to start creating your EPIC life as a successful woman entrepreneur now!  You are no ordinary woman, you do have a special calling and your desires are not to be pushed aside one second longer. There is literally no limit to how many people you can reach and how much you can earn, just for being you and doing what you love. And you can start TODAY.  Click here


***   Mastin Kipp’s third video in the series “Claim Your Power” is ready for viewing.  Click here


***   Pat Mussieux’s video “Feeling Overwhelmed and Over-Committed?” is available to view.  Click here



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Roberto C. Candelaria’s new book “Sponsorship for Influencers:  Profitable Partnerships in 5 Simple Steps” is now available.  Click for pre-launch offer 



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Shanda Sumpter No more mentoring in PACE Club?


We’re changing the format of PACE Club significantly for 2018.  Rather than you receiving one-on-one mentoring to grow your business, you’ll instead have access to a self-paced program that will be delivered via automation.


We’re doing this for two reasons:


1. We want to make PACE more accessible to entrepreneurs in international markets.

2. It allows us to scale and reach more people.


The disadvantage is, of course, you aren’t able to hop on a call every week to be mentored personally by me.


So, if youve been reading my emails about PACE Club—where I help people build a business, create a vision of what they want, and make it reality—and you’ve been sitting on the fence, now is the time to take action and enroll if you want to be mentored personally.


Go here to get on my calendar.




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Three things cannot be long hidden:

The sun, the moon and the truth


Siddhārtha Gautama


ca. 563 BC – 483 BC




I wish you a successful week!

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